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1-2F.pdf1/2F information sheet (PDF 137KB)1-2F137 KB
1B.pdf1B information sheet (PDF 77KB)1B77 KB
1D.pdf1D information sheet (PDF 136KB)1D136 KB
camp-permission.pdf2018 Year 6 camp permission formcamp-permission179 KB
2B.pdf2B information sheet (PDF 181KB)2B181 KB
2G.pdf2G information sheet (PDF 94KB)2G94 KB
2S.pdf2S information sheet (PDF 167KB)2S167 KB
3-4T.pdf3/4T information sheet (PDF 195KB)3-4T195 KB
3J.pdf3J information sheet (PDF 190KB)3J190 KB
3S.pdf3S information sheet (PDF 91KB)3S91 KB
3W.pdf3W information sheet (PDF 109KB)3W109 KB
4-5F.pdf4/5F information sheet (PDF 286KB)4-5F286 KB
4E.pdf4E information sheet (PDF 176KB)4E176 KB
4M.pdf4M information sheet (PDF 176KB)4M176 KB
5B.pdf5B information sheet (PDF 114KB)5B114 KB
5W.pdf5W information sheet (PDF 555KB)5W555 KB
6C.pdf6C information sheet (PDF 86KB)6C86 KB
6D.pdf6D information sheet (PDF 64KB)6D64 KB
6M.pdf6M information sheet (PDF 90KB)6M90 KB
information handbook.pdfInformation handbookinformation handbook677 KB
investing-for-success.pdfInvesting for success (PDF, 239KB)investing-for-success239 KB
P-1G.pdfP/1G information sheet (PDF 151KB)P-1G151 KB
Peace-keeper-excursion-letter.pdfPeace keeper excursion letter (PDF 290KB)Peace-keeper-excursion-letter290 KB
PK.pdfPK information sheet (PDF 82KB)PK82 KB
PO.pdfPO information sheet (PDF 184KB)PO184 KB
PP.pdfPP information sheet (PDF 506KB)PP506 KB
Prep booklist.pdfPrep booklist (PDF, 450KB)Prep booklist450 KB
School Photograph Schedule.pdfSchool photograph letter and scheduleSchool Photograph Schedule149 KB
school-review-summary.pdfSchool review executive summaryschool-review-summary328 KB
sports-day-menu.pdfSports day tuckshop menu (PDF, 899KB)sports-day-menu899 KB
prep-information-enrolment Flyer.pdfStarting prep (PDF, 208KB)prep-information-enrolment Flyer208 KB
trivia-flyer.pdfTrivia flyer (PDF, 157KB)trivia-flyer157 KB
tuckshop-menu.pdfTuckshop menu (PDF, 398KB)tuckshop-menu398 KB
tuckshop-notice.pdfTuckshop support notice (PDF, 145KB)tuckshop-notice145 KB
uniform-price-list.pdfUniform price list (PDF, 369KB)uniform-price-list369 KB
Year 1 booklist.pdfYear 1 booklist (PDF 521KB)Year 1 booklist521 KB
Year 2 booklist.pdfYear 2 booklist (PDF 536KB)Year 2 booklist537 KB
Year2-mbeec-excursion-letter.pdfYear 2 MBEEC excursion letter (PDF 527KB)Year2-mbeec-excursion-letter527 KB
Year 3 booklist.pdfYear 3 booklist (PDF 540KB)Year 3 booklist540 KB
Year 4 booklist.pdfYear 4 booklist (PDF 541KB)Year 4 booklist542 KB
Yr4-hands-on-science.pdfYear 4 hands on science incursion letter (PDF, 192KB)Yr4-hands-on-science192 KB
Year 5 booklist.pdfYear 5 booklist (PDF 543KB)Year 5 booklist544 KB
Year 6 booklist.pdfYear 6 booklist (PDF 542KB)Year 6 booklist542 KB
Yr6-end-of-year-events-letter.pdfYear 6 end of year Movie World and farewell letter (PDF 176KB)Yr6-end-of-year-events-letter173 KB
Movie-World.pdfYear 6 Movie World - Lights, Camera, Action Experieince (PDF, 27KB)Movie-World27 KB